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  • Southern Style Home Cookingsouthern fried chicken, homestyle baked chicken, just like grandma's kitchen
  • Southern Style Home Cooked Vegetablesfresh vegetables, seasoned just right, just like mamma used to make.
  • Southern Style Home Cooking - Mouth watering vegetablescollard greens, steamed cabbage, yams, you name it, we got it
  • Southern Style Fresh SaladFresh garden salad
  • Southern Style Home Cooking - Ox TailsOur mouth watering ox tails will make you wanna slap your mamma!!
  • Southern Style Home Cooking - Cakes made from scratchFresh delicious home made cakes and deserts
  • Southern Style Home Cooking Southern style ribs, turkey wings, and yeah we have pig ears too!
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Birmingham Dining Southern Cuisine
7632 5th Avenue North, Birmingham AL 35208